All is not good between "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and the WWE as the former WCW world heavyweight champion took a vicious dig at the pro-wrestling company he worked for in the 2000s.

The 54-year-old, who recently made his return to Impact Wrestling, was asked in an interview with bodybuilding vlog Nick's Strength and Power if he had watched the latest episode of NXT.

He said, "F**k the WWE."

When asked why he felt that way, Steiner then directed some harsh words at Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

"Who's in charge and who runs it, you know? There ain't two bigger douchebags than Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon], you know? So..." he told the show's anchor as transcribed by Bleeding Cool.

When asked if he had watched WrestleMania 33, "Well, hell no!" Steiner replied and then asked the interviewer questions the latter had no clue about.

"Why did Triple H make a statue of Ric Flair? Where is it now?" Steiner asked. "Where do you think it's at? There's no Hall of Fame. You got an address for the Hall of Fame?"

"Triple H's house?" the interviewer replied. "Exactly," Steiner said and added, "And they better not make one of The Macho Man [Randy Savage]."

The interviewer assumed that a statue of Savage was already made and this led Steiner to say, "She made one? Oh, that's definitely in her bedroom."

Steiner's comments point to the past rumours about a young Stephanie and Savage's affair that led to the wrestler to move out of the company in 1994 only to return years later.

Scott Steiner
Former WCW star Scott Steiner WWE/Youtube