Goldberg, who is best remembered for his undefeated WCW streak of 173-0, has finally revealed the main reason behind his successful run at the pro-wrestling company between 1997 and 1998.

Speaking on Bischoff On Wrestling podcast, the former WCW and WWE champion, whose real name is William Scott Goldberg, said his WCW run worked so well because the fights he was involved in wasn't pre-planned and that was main reason why fans loved about his fights.

"They wanted to see Benoit and Guerrero chain wrestle and tell their story with all the false finishes and all of that," the 50-year-old wrestler said but added fans were most entertained when two tough guys stepped in the ring and one bulldozed the other in a few seconds like what Mike Tyson did to his opponents when the Kid Dynamite was in his prime of his career.

"People just sit up on the edge of their seat and go, 'What just happened?! Did I just see that?!'" Goldberg said.

Goldberg and the WWE management were not in good terms during the wrestlers first run with the company between 2003 and 2004. So, on the podcast, host Eric Bischoff asked Goldberg whether he hesitated or what pushed him to make a second WWE run, which came to an end at WrestleMania 33 on 2 April.

"You always have doubts. You like to think the scenario is set to where it's a slam dunk and everything will go as planned. In any business these days things can go awry. Go against the grain and go against what was in stone and written down," he said.

"I had tension coming in because I am always defensive with stuff like, 'I've gotta protect this...' or, 'I've got to protect that'. I was as open as possible. 'I think more open than I ever have been in wanting acceptance from the guys. Needing that so that I felt better about coming in and not being that guy who hides in his back room and comes out when it's just his time. That's not me. As rough as I am and staunch as I am about things I believe in. Whether they be right or wrong, I have conviction in them. I am not a bad guy. I have feelings and I want these guys to understand that I am greatly appreciative."

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