The Greek offices of Microsoft have been set on fire in a highly 'unusual' and dangerous attack using a flaming van! Miraculously no-one was injured.

Someone drove a van loaded with gas canisters and at least five jugs full of petrol through the ground floor entrance of the building in Athens and set fire to it. It all happened early this morning when the offices were closed up police say an overnight guard spotted three armed men carry out the attack then hot-foot it away.

Police in Greece are totally stumped by the attack, they have no idea what the motive could be and they've described it as 'unusual'. They've condemned the attack and are amazed at the wreckless attempt to put people's lives in danger.

Gas canisters have often been used almost as a trademark symbol for those fighting against capitalism. Although police say it's been a while since anyone or anyone group with a grudge has carried out an attack like this on large internationals.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole