As a teenage heartthrob, Harry Styles is used to receiving all types of gifts from fans.

But the One Direction singer got more than he bargained for when a fan threw a shoe on to the stage during a concert in Glasgow. The shoe hit him in the crotch and left him in agonising pain.

In online video footage from the gig, the boyband can be seen answering questions on Twitter after performing their hit Last First Kiss.

After a random shoe is thrown onstage, 19-year-old Styles asks the crowd he had been given only given one shoe.

The fan responds by throwing another which hits him directly in his manhood. He doubles over and collapses in pain.

The boys exclaim "Man down!" before reassuring the crowd that Styles is fine. He quickly regains his composure and even manages to answer another question.

One viewer wrote: "Maybe it was Taylor Swift lol."

Another said: "He should wear an egg-protector or something.They'll leave him without kids someday.Without our kids, mother of God!"

Styles has been hurt by overzealous fans before.

In April 2012, while performing at the Hordern Pavilion in Syndey, he was hit in the groin by what appears to be a shoe thrown from the audience.