Priebe's laser watch. (Patrick Priebe)
Priebe's laser watch cost $200 to make Patrick Priebe

Inspired by James Bond films, a German inventor has created a watch with a laser which can burn through objects.

Created by Patrick Priebe, the watch has a custom machined metal body and contains a a powerful 1,500 milliwatt laser – not powerful enough for an international secret agent, but strong enough to light a candle or pop a balloon from a distance.

However, having a watch with an added laser comes with a cost, as the battery life is only 5 to 10 minutes.

Priebe said the watch took him around 40 hours to make, and he could knock one up for anyone interested for about £200.

"Some people asked me about [the watch] and I didn't think I would ever make something like this, but I've made it," explained Mr Priebe to MailOnline.

"It's average in size, and is still a little bulky for a watch.

"You can't [use] it for too long, because of the tiny battery and tiny laser module, but it is fun."

It is not the German inventor's only astonishing innovation.

Earlier this year he built a laser weapon inspired by the 19th century Gatling gun, an early machine gun. The gun is made from aluminium and shoots rounds of 1.4-watt Class 4 blue lasers.

In an online video, Priebe shows the weapon popping 24 balloons in rapid succession.

Amongst his other inventions are an Iron Man gauntlet, which shoots laser beams from the palms, a glove which shoots flames, a laser revolver, a wrist crossbow, and Spider-man style webshooters.

Priebe told the LA Times that he began to make laser gadgets after dumped by his girlfriend, and finding himself with time on his hands.

Now he has devoted himself to his hobby full time, making gadgets to order which he sells through his website, Laser Gadgets.

"I make custom toys and gadgets," he said. "I make and show, then people like and want."