The third and final day of the Rock am Ring music festival in Germany has been cancelled after lightning strikes injured more than 80 people. The festival, which featured Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Deftones, had already halted performances for several hours on Saturday, 4 June, as a result of the poor weather.

Thunderstorms and lightning at the festival held in west German town of Mendig left many of the 92,000 attendees seeking shelter in tents or vehicles. The organisers were hoping to continue the festival for the third day, but authorities have now revoked their license as more bad weather is forecast.

At least eight people are thought to have been seriously injured as a result of lightning strikes hitting the area. Writing on Facebook, Rock am Ring said in a statement: "On the first day of the festival more than 80 visitors were injured by lightning strikes in part and admitted to hospital.

"Because of the risky situation, we ask you to go back home by Sunday noon. We regret the decision extraordinarily, however, ask you to understand this urgent situation which is due to the bad weather."

Heavy rainfall has also caused severe flooding in central Europe recently, with 11 people believed to have died in Germany as a result. At the same time, heavy rains in France killed four people, and led to the River Seine in Paris overflowing, leading to artworks in the Louvre and 20,000 people to be evacuated to safety.