Tori Locklear
Tori Locklear Image Credit: Youtube

Footage of a teenager who burned off a chunk of her hair while recording a hair curling tutorial has gone vital on YouTube.

Tori Locklear began her video tutorial by looking at the camera and talking about how to curl hair, using a curling iron and hair products. However the 13-year-old managed to burn several locks of hair within seconds.

The video was recorded in October 2012 and uploaded on 18 February, with the title Burning My Hair Off (Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong).It has already received more than six million views, after being uploaded on Reddit.

"Me around October 2012 attempting to curl my hair, but instead something else happened. It burned off. Cool. And no it's not fake! Wish it was so I could have my hair back LOL," Tori has written about the video on YouTube.

Following the viral propagation of her video, Tori has created her first Facebook account and wrote "Hi I'm Tori Locklear! Yep, the girl who burned her hair off with the wand! That's me LOL ," introducing herself as the girl from YouTube.

"The is the real Facebook for me, I don't have a personal one for many reasons so I made this to talk to all you guys!" she wrote on Friday on the networking site.

Web site Viral Viral Video said of Tori's footage: "This video by Tori Locklear has instantly gone viral after appearing on Reddit. Tori was trying to give a tutorial on hair curling with a hair straightening iron. Instead, she gave a tutorial on how to 'cut' hair off using a curling iron. After very slowly processing her mistake, her jaw, appropriately, hits the floor."

Check out the hilarious video below: