An advert promoting vegan condoms has become an online hit with the help of a bizarre clip.

Manufacturers Glyde said that its product was the world's only certified ethical, vegan and Fair Trade condom. It has never been tested on animals.

The Australian company drives home its point with a 22-second promo. The camera pans seductively over a model dressed in revealing lingerie.

At first glance it appears to follow the set route of selling sex with the use of soft lighting and sultry music.

She purrs: "There are a million ways to pleasure a woman. You can use your hands. Your mouth. Even toys."

Seduced viewers are suddenly shocked into reality when she looks at the camera and says: "But you wouldn't f**k me with something that's been inside a horse, would you?"

The viral video has provoked a huge reaction from the online community.

One viewer said: "Vegan condoms oh boy oh boy oh boy"

Another wrote: "Couldn't you rap it in lettuce?"

Glyde said its condoms have been certified by the Vegan Society.