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Google Chrome users vulnerable to malware sending automatic tags to Facebook friends Google

In the past few weeks, users of Facebook have reportedly received random tag notifications from friends on their list but when they click on the link, a malware automatically starts downloading on the device. A new report now says the malware is mostly affecting Google Chrome users by pretending to be a Chrome extension and infect the device.

According to HackRead, just downloading the malware may not infect your devices but users who are not aware of how scammers target their victims may click the downloaded file and infect their devices. Moreover, a discussion regarding the issue on Stack Exchange reveals that some of the autoit scripts (freeware automation language for Microsoft Windows) could even include some or the other form of ransomware.

"This is a typical obfuscated JavaScript malware which targets the Windows Script Host to download the rest of the payload. It downloads what appears to be mainly a Chrome Extension (manifest.json and bg.js), the autoit Windows executable, and some autoit scripts which likely include some form of ransomware. All of these files are named with .jpg extensions on the server they are hosted, to be less conspicuous," commented a programmer on one such victim's issue.

It is not known whether the malware is restricted to Chrome users or Safari and Firefox users have also experienced the problem. Given that it contains autoit scripts, it seems the issue may be limited to Windows users on PC.

Prior to this, several malware attacks have been aimed at Google Chrome users. Sometime back a fake Google Chrome update appeared on Play Store which was actually malicious software aiming to get financial and private details of the user. As for Facebook-related malware, Chrome users have in the past been hit by malware which would be disguised as a Chrome video installer and appear on users' messenger boxes as a link leading them to the malware injecting link.