Yes, Android owners can now be happy since an updated version of Google Maps has been released. Users can easily pick the Google Maps 6.5 from Google Play. The enhancement can be experienced best in the Smartphones like Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr and Galaxy S3.

The highlighted features of Google maps 6.5 are as follows:

The high-resolution enabled Smartphones will show crisper and sharp maps and detailed 3D buildings.

There are options available which offers transit directions for preferred journey mode.

The new version provides a revamped home screen for the Google Maps Navigation which is still in its beta phase.

Users can now enjoy the quickest route by choosing the best route option. For instance, if the user wants to travel by bus then he/she can choose bus as the transit mode and one would opt for the fewest transfers. The latest version highlights the options like Speak destination and Type destination in centre as well as recent destinations in the bottom.

Check out the awesome video of Google Maps 6.5.