Google Play Music All Access
Google Play Music All Access not working with Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari on desktops Google

Several Google Play Music All Access users are reportedly complaining about the inability to use the web app to stream songs ever since 9 July, on all leading non-Chrome browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Here are some complaints and suggestions from affected users of Play Music All Access:

My Google unlimited music won't stream to my work computer. It can stream the music I uploaded, but it just says "Can't reach Google Play" for anything else. Happened after I tried the HTML5 mode. I did switch back to no avail. I all ready restarted. My phone streams fine – Chris Gaber

same problem, "cant reach google play" whats going on here? – JohnRC377

I had this same issue start yesterday and it continues today. I have had the HTML5 mode enabled for quite a while, but disabling it doesn't help either. Just like you, music I uploaded/purchased seems to be fine and everything works great on my phone – Daniel Lazzari Jr

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the Google Play Help Forum. Since you mentioned you are trying on a work pc, can you check to see if your anti-virus and /or firewall is not blocking the program? Try momentarily disabling those software and try again. Also, what browser are you using? – Ian_SJ

Same problem here. Anything in My Library will play, but if I try to play something I don't have in My Library, it won't play. Using Opera browser. Radios are the same. I can click on a radio and it will skip any song that I don't already have in My Library until one that is comes up, then it will play. Again, anything not added to My Library, will not play. On my phone, plays fine. Actually, using the Chrome browser it plays fine, but I use Opera and it was working for most of the day then it stopped. – Jeremy

It is ascertained that the Google Play Music Web app works fine with user uploaded songs, while those songs that are accessed via All Access subscription seem to have a major problem with streaming.

Although the Play Music interface loads without a hitch, users are encountering persistent error messages while trying to listen, especially after queuing up a song or playlist and loading up the animations, reports Android Police.

Google Play Music All Access
Google Play Music All Access not working with Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari on Desktops Android Police

After several attempts, you may see another error message: "Can't reach Google Play... Reload the page and try again," which seems to suggest that it could be related to server-side issues with Google.

Google Play Music All Access
Android Police

The issue, however, doesn't seem to be affecting Chrome browsers on desktops and their Android/iOS counterparts, while isolated reports suggest that the Play Music Web app works fine on some versions of Internet Explorer.

Recent reports on Google Product Forums indicate that Google's developer team is aware of the problem and working towards releasing a fix anytime soon.

As this issue is apparently confined to Google servers alone, there is no need to download any updates or do anything to fix it from the user side.