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Heidi Klum is Halloween's biggest fan and she spares no expense in making the annual celebration of all things ghostly and macabre as wonderful as possible. Every year, the German supermodel throws an A-List Halloween party that is undoubtedly the place to be on Halloween night and she usually shows in stunning and sometimes over-the-top costumes. Last year, for example, the 39 year old revealed two options - a hand-painted costume of the human anatomy (an inside-out, so to speak, of the human body) and that of a chimpanzee.

"It's kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It's basically like me naked," Klum said last year, describing her cadaver outfit.

However, not all her outfits are well received. In 2008, for example, she sparked controversy among Hindu religious groups when she appeared in a mock-up of Goddess Kali (a Hindu goddess who liberates souls from the cycle of birth and rebirth. She was eventually forced to apologise for her costume.

"I loved my costume and I love Halloween,' Klum said at the time, "I mean that is one of my most favorite times of the year. I've done so many different things. This was probably my tenth time and I've done so many people like Betty Boop and Lady Godiva and it's always a take on someone. You're not that person."

And then there were costumes that didn't turn out to be very comfortable. Like the time Klum and former husband Seal dressed up as crows, in 2009.

"It was bad. My husband was driving and he could hardly see anything... When you have a beak on, you can't talk to anyone, you can't really drink. It's not a good costume!" she was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report.

This year, Klum prepares for her party without Seal. The couple split in January, after seven years together. According to a report in ABC News, the event will be held at New York City's Finale nightclub on 31 October, which will also mark the grand-opening of the new 6,000 sq ft club. The club will likely feature a sunken dance floor, raised perimeter seating and a light show. DJ Questlove of band The Roots will be in charge of the music.

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