virtual reality glove haptic surgery
The Gloveone enables 'extended virtual reality' to allow surgeons to practise operations within a VR environment Gloveone

A glove that enables surgeons to operate within a virtual reality training environment has been announced as one of the winners of a contest aiming to help commercialise innovative VR concepts.

The surgical Laparoscopy Virtual Trainer developed by Neurodigital Technologies makes use of the Gloveone to create a multisensory experience that combines visual, aural and tactile simulation through haptic feedback, sensor fusion and finger tracking. The Gloveone enables a concept known as "extended virtual reality" that allows interaction with a virtual world.

As well as receiving £35,000 to develop the concept, Neurodigital Technologies will work alongside King's College London to help develop it.

"VR and AR are two of the most eagerly anticipated technologies in the world at the moment," said Matt Sansam, programme manager for IC Tomorrow. "This contest looked for applications beyond gaming and the response from the UK's entrepreneur community has been fantastic. Many of these winners are pioneers in their field, bringing together the physical, digital and virtual in completely new ways to tackle real world challenges.

"Innovate UK is committed to building relationships between the biggest industry players and talented entrepreneurs. We look forward to supporting these exciting businesses in their trial partnerships."

Other pioneering virtual and augmented reality solutions recognised in the Innovate UK Awards include virtual reality-enabled rehabilitation programs, an immersive retail environment and augmented reality safety visors for construction workers.