Steve Austin is happy to see Bill Goldberg in the ring once again but he has said that the former WCW and WWE champion's first WWE run was not well received. The WWE Hall of Famer in a recent interview said he was unsure if the writing was to blame for that. Austin also added that maybe the 49-year-old wrestler "didn't really fit in the system" in the WWE in mid-2000s.

Speaking on the PWTorch Livecast, Austin said Goldberg's first WWE run did not live up to expectations, but said the wrestler's current run with the wrestling entertainment company was much better.

"Yeah, I was glad to see it happen. I don't think Bill had a good run in his first go-around in WWE," Austin said. (via WrestlingInc)

"He was coming off being paid by WCW, had a great deal over there, he was super super over in WCW. The window already closed, I was getting ready to get out of there, so Stone Cold vs. Goldberg never happened. All of these years that go by, because he was so over in WCW, he gets in the big leagues, whether it was the writing or he didn't really fit the system for whatever reasons, when he got back in the ring [on the Oct. 24 episode of Raw], and that crowd started going 'Goldberg,' he had tears in his eyes."

Talking about Goldberg's return to WWE ring after a 12-year absence, Austin said he handled his comeback on RAW well and revealed what worked for him this time around.

"It was about the crowd responding in such great fashion," Austin said. "I'm not sure Goldberg is the greatest promo guy that ever walked the planet that did business in the squared circle, but an A+ promo by Bill Goldberg handling the task at hand, all those emotions, it was completely real and authentic. I felt it was a great piece of television."

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are set to fight at Survivor Series, which is scheduled to take place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 20 November.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin shares a cold one with the crowd at WrestleMania 32 WWE