Hong Kong pro-democracy protests
A pro-democracy demonstrator reacts during a speech after the government cancelled talks scheduled for Friday as protesters block areas around the government headquarters office in Hong Kong Carlos Barria/Reuters

Tensions are set to rise again in Hong Kong as pro-democracy student activists have called for resumption of protests after the government cancelled a proposed round of talks.

Making it clear that their campaign is a long drawn out one, the protesters called for forming a big "Umbrella Square" aimed at occupying the streets of the global financial hub. The protest leaders have renamed Harcourt Road as "Umbrella Square".

"This is the best way to fight back against police violence and the NPC Standing Committee shutting the door on political reform. Students' and citizens' calls after Carrie Lam cancelled talks with [the Federation of Students] have shown that popular discontent is on the rise. Therefore, we need to give the government a clear response by expanding the scale of the Occupy action," the students-led group Scholarism said in a statement.

The Beijing-backed Hong Kong administration called off the talks scheduled to take place on Friday, 10 October, saying there would be no credible outcome.

"With much regret, [after] the remarks made by student representatives in the past two days, especially this afternoon, I realise that the basis for a constructive dialogue has been seriously undermined," said Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor.

Several bus routes have been cancelled fearing escalation of the protests.

The Hong Kong administration has so far not given any indication that it would send in the police to disperse the protesters.