Millions of people are now Bitcoin users. While most of these are small-scale users, others are large sharks with massive Bitcoin investments. Ordinarily, you can cash out your Bitcoin from a bank or a crypto exchange. However, when the value of Bitcoin you are cashing out is high, it becomes problematic Do you wish to join the millions of Bitcoin investors? You can start trading Bitcoin via Quantum AI trading immediately and without complexities.

Where Do Criminals Come In?

If you are using Bitcoin legally, you may not need criminals to cash out your Bitcoin. For instance, if your retail store accepts Bitcoin payments, you can quickly transfer your Bitcoin into your ordinary bank account after exchanging it with fiat money. In that case, there is nothing to hide or worry you.

But consider a situation where you receive Bitcoin illegally. For example, you buy and sell some illegal stuff on the Dark Web and receive payment in Bitcoin. Probably the amount of Bitcoins you receive is quite significant. Remember that one Bitcoin is worth about $24,000 currently. So, receiving 20 Bitcoins is still a substantial amount in dollars.

Many countries require banks, crypto exchanges, and other financial institutions to report transactions above a certain threshold. And this ensures that criminals don't use existing economic systems to support their criminal activities. Therefore, when you try to cash out your 20 Bitcoins or more at once, you will likely attract the law enforcers' attention.

If law enforcement suspects that you are cashing out Bitcoin from illegal sources, they'll be on your neck, and you may end up arrested and losing your money. So, to avoid this, you could contract criminals in the crypto world to do the dirty work for you. Of course, that will be at a cost, often a significant amount of money.

How Criminals Can Cash Out Your Bitcoin
How Criminals Can Cash Out Your Bitcoin Pixabay

How Do Criminals Cash Out Bitcoin?

Criminals have become more ingenious in evading law enforcement when cashing out Bitcoin. They will use ways that may shock you, and you rarely have a say in how they will do it. Yours is to wait for your cash. Let's look at how these criminals can cash out your Bitcoin.

Treasure Man

One of the common ways criminals will use to cash out your Bitcoin is by using "Treasure Men." These are criminals you hire from the dark web, such as Hydra. You will first need to find them on the dark web. Then, you agree on the terms and send them the Bitcoins you want to cash out.

The Treasure Men will then leave your cash bundle at a strategic place. And this may be in a bush, or they can even bury it underground. After they do so, they will contact you and give the exact coordinates of where they have hidden your cash. After that, you can go and pick up your money.

Gift Vouchers

Criminals can also cash out Bitcoin by first exchanging them for gift vouchers. Doing so makes it more difficult for law enforcement to track or even notice what is happening. The criminals will often use fake gift vouchers that look legitimate. With the gift voucher, you can then change it for cash without raising suspicion.

Crypto Favorable Countries

While some countries have more stringent regulations on Bitcoin, others don't. And this is particularly the case in countries in Eastern Europe or Africa. The criminals will use banks or crypto exchanges in these countries to cash out your Bitcoin and then find a way of getting it to you.


Unless criminals get access to your Bitcoin wallet and steal your Bitcoin, you can find criminals who will apply different methods to cash out your Bitcoin.