Britain is making a big push in getting more young people into science, technology, engineering, and maths (Stem) but one of the most exciting innovations to evolve is a new content sharing platform called Flooved.

As Stem students already face hefty fees compared to their humanities counterparts, not just in Britain but across the globe, Flooved's free maths and science content platform has allowed everyone to access lecture notes, text books and other valuable teaching tools for free.

Speaking exclusively to IBTimes TV, Flooved's co-founder and co-CEO Hamish Brocklebank says the group intends to always make the platform a free service.

Serviced and advised by PHD students to world renowned professors, all the content is checked and archived.

However, Brocklebank revealed to IBTimes TV that the technology they created and used to 'translate' dense Stem academic papers into HTML, which are filled with equations, tables, charts, has led to a lucrative service and product that they charge for.

A number of FTSE 100 companies, as well as those on the FTSE 350, have started to snap up paid-for partnerships with Flooved, through its sub-brand, in order to use the group's technology to format financial reports for their investors.