Hulk Hogan
Former WWE superstar Hulk Hogan Kevin Winter/Getty

WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko has revealed as to why Hulk Hogan "begged" him for advice during their WWWF days. Zbyszko, in an interview with Hannibal TV, said that he told the Hulkster to move to another promotion as the latter was getting beat up every time he squared off with Andre The Giant.

When Hogan approached Zbyszko, the latter told the former that the "best thing for you is you're a big guy, you can move -- just get the hell out of here and go to a different territory."

Zbyszko said that Hogan listened to his advice and moved to AWA, where he got his break as a babyface. He also pointed out that their "paths never really crossed" after Hogan left for the AWA.

Zbyszko also pointed out that Hogan was a nice guy during the start of his career but after some years he "got a little too big in the head for a while".

"It bit him in the ass. Some other guys did that too, Lex Lugar was kind of a narcissistic ego kind of guy, then when something bad happened to him you kind of laugh and are like, 'Hey, karma brother.' Not that they're bad guys, he's probably a much better person now because he brought hell upon himself when he got a real prima donna head. But I didn't deal with guys like that," Zbyszko said.

Speaking about his dealings with Hogan in WCW, Zbyszko said, "I never really dealt with Hulk". He, however, added that Hogan was a "good manipulator and [Eric] Bischoff kinda fell for it".

"Unfortunately Hulk kind of swerved Bischoff into giving the farm away where too many guys got not only a big contract, but the clauses were they could do whatever they wanted. So they killed the programming."