The Kokoro Scanner (Tomy)
The Kokoro Scanner takes 'truth or dare' games to new levels. Tomy

A new Japanese party game which allows the prospect of total humiliation before family and friends is set for release in the US in time for Halloween.

The ingeniously simply Kokoro Scanner is a device which attaches to the head, and changes colour to indicate if the person is lying or not.

Released by Tokyo-based Tomy, the device works like a polygraph machine, and monitors a person's pulse with an infrared light.

The device flashes green if a person is telling the truth, yellow if a person's heart rate increases, indicating that they might be lying, or red if the person is lying.

To add to the torment of the person being quizzed, the light is located on a person's forehead, meaning they are unable to tell what colour is flashing while they are being interrogated on things they would rather keep private.

The device retails at $50 in the US, and comes with a handy deck of questions for beginners.

Notoriously, many Japanese game shows involve public humiliation.

In Dead Meat, a contestant wearing a kimono was recently strapped to a giant lizard that chased her through undergrowth.

Last year, the Japanese police force announced that new recruits would have to undergo lie detector tests in order to filter out sexual deviants and criminals, after a series of high-profile scandals involving officers.

Under the plans, prospective officers will be asked questions including "Are you predisposed to groping?" and "What do you think of paedophilia?"