Farah Baker
Farah Baker has been blogging about war in Gaza since 2012. Twitter

A Palestinian teenager is attracting thousands of followers on Twitter after posting about real-time attacks occurring in Gaza.

Farah Baker, who tweets under the name of Farah Gazan, has been sharing videos and updates on the current situation in the Gaza Strip, which was invaded by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on 8 July.

Baker publicly shared her fear of dying as Israel's ground invasion continues to claim lives.

"I might die tonight," the girl tweeted on Monday. Her message was shared nearly 10,000 times.

In another tweet, Baker explained she and her family cannot leave their house -- opposite Al-Shifa Hospital -- because the surrounding area is being bombarded.

"We are sitting in darkness because the power is off, flares are lighting up the area just like it's midday, we're just hearing bombs, drones, f16s#Gaza," she said.

Baker also posted an audio clip of the sound of the bombs hitting the area near her house.

"This is one of the hundreds bombs that I'm hearing," she said.

Baker has been blogging about war in Gaza since 2012.

In one of her posts, she wrote: "I care about human rights and I see that we 'Palestinians' have no rights and nobody asks... we cannot travel or visit our relatives and friends who live in Jerusalem and the West bank and the other cities in Palestine. And this is unfair. But this isn't my aim right now.

"I want to speak about what is happening these days in Gaza. We cannot leave our houses because it's dangerous outside."

News.com said some are sceptical about the validity of Baker's tweets, arguing the teenager is only looking for extra followers. Others, however, have asked her to keep tweeting.

"Let's hope this keeps up, that she survives tonight," wrote Twitter user Christina Greig.

IBTimes UK was unable to independently verify whether Baker is in Gaza or not.

On 17 July, IDF launched a ground invasion of Gaza to destroy Palestinian Islamist organisation Hamas' underground tunnels.

The ground invasion is an expansion of the IDF's existing Operation Protective Edge, which began on 8 July to restore calm in southern Israel after the firing of more than 150 rockets from Gaza into the country.

Since the launch of the operation, at least 1,040 Palestinians, mainly civilians, have been killed in both ground and air attacks.