It is a known secret that developing AOSP-based ROM modding tools like CyanogenMod (CM9) is a tedious task on certain older devices with limited hardware compatibility. According to a post on XDA Developers, the hack tools implemented to install latest software updates (such as Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)) for unlocking new features on unsupported hardware could actually create more problems. This includes hampering the basic functionality of the device, while introducing new bugs, missing features including broken 4G data or camera issues, down to fundamental issues like problematic MMS. On the brighter side, several bugs hampering CM9's functionality for Motorola Droid X2 seem to be finally fixed, thanks to XDA Developers.

The development of a custom ROM like CM9 involves far greater effort and time for the hacker community, particularly with beta issues cropping up on untested hardware. Recently, an XDA authorised developer, dragonzkiller, reportedly unearthed a few issues with the camera function while implementing the new CyanogenMod update on the Droid X2.

It may be noted that although the still camera feature is fixed with the new update, the video recording capability is still disabled, owing to a bug in the code. Nevertheless, the developers are keenly working on a fix for the video camera issue, while all of the key smartphone features are now fixed. The update now covers fix for a wide-array of features including calls, texts, data, camera, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Droid X2 owners might rejoice at the verge of getting a fully functional CM9 in the near future.

Known Issues

  • Google Play installs larger apps to the SD card on installation. After a reboot these no longer appear in the apps drawer. A workaround is to install the app, go to Settings > Apps and click on the app. Once there click Move to Phone and your app should remain across reboots
  • MMS is found have a known bug with this update for some unknown reason
  • Graphics memory runs out of resources primarily due to less RAM on the device. Sometimes while rotating an app (noticeably the browser) it will crash. Also systemserver (the main background service) will crash and Android will restart (rarely)
  • Chrome beta doesn't work: it also requires kernel mods which has not yet been tested.
  • Camera works where as camcorder fails. All of the other features of the camera work though.

How to Install CyanogenMod 9 Alpha for Droid X2 on Android ICS

1. Download necessary apps and tools from links provided below:

Required (even if updating) Google Apps (GAPPS): (Download the latest version)

CyanogenMod 9-20120613-Daytona Alpha 4:

Alpha 4 Data Usage:

2. Install the BSR (patched if on CM7/CM9)

3. Reboot into the BSR

4. Create a NANDROID backup to revert back changes if something goes wrong after the install

5. Install the CM9 zip from the SD Card

6. Install the GAPPS from the SD Card

7. Wipe both DATA and CACHE (no need to wipe Dalvik if you wipe both of these)

8. Reboot your phone

9. Enjoy CM9 Alpha 4 with Ice Cream Sandwich aboard your device

[Source: XDA Developers]