International Bow Day is celebrated every August 19th to honour the accessory that has influenced fashion for ages — bows!

Wearing of bows originated in 1650 from the Cravats Croatian military personnel wore. Cravats were scarves knotted around their shirt collars to keep them together. Once the French upper class saw this and started incorporating the same style into their everyday wear, other nations started adopting the same fashion style during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Over time, the cravat evolved into bow ties and neckties, a formal occasion staple to this day. International Bow Day celebrates all types of bows- whether worn around your neck, wrist, head or finger! Modern-day bows are made from various materials, from velvet and silk to plastic or even grass.

Here are three ways to incorporate wearing bows into your everyday wear in a fashionable and useful way!

Add a patterned bow tie to your wardrobe

A brightly coloured or fun, polka-dotted bow tie can elevate your look from boring neutral to fund and engaging with just one accessory. You can try this out for weddings with a less formal dress code or even surprise your officemates one day by wearing it to work to give your work outfit a preppy spin. Wearing one with a jacket and suspenders is a highly recommended fashion choice!

If you are new to wearing bow ties and find tying it confusing, you should consider wearing a pre-tied bow tie or a clip-on bow tie that fastens at the collar. Whether loose and floppy or tight and cinched, being fashionable is fun and easy with bows.

Replace your hair ties with ribbons

Ribbon ties are gentler on my hair than most hair ties. Not only do they leave your hair crease-free when you take them out, but they also don't snag or tug at your strands.

Bows on your head are cute and trendy, you can wear multiple little ones at the bottom of braids or as a big bowed hair band. Switch from elastics to ribbons today, your hair will thank you.

Around your finger as a reminder

Tying a red bow on your finger is a timeless practice used by people worldwide to remind themselves not to forget something. Not only is the colour a stark contrast to catch your eye even on the busiest days, but the jaunty loops of the bow will bounce every time you use your fingers.

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