It is time, it seems, to bid our final adieus to the iconic "M" from the James Bond series of films! According to reports, the scene where Dame Judi Dench, who made the role so much more than it was in previous films, is shot and killed was filmed, as production for the newest Bond film, "Skyfall" continues in London.

"We've just filmed M's death scene. Judi Dench is leaving the franchise," a source told The Sun.

The veteran actress has played the MI6 boss in the last eight Bond films, starting with "Golden Eye" in 1995 and watched Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig play the iconic title role.

According to Sky News, "Harry Potter" star Ralph Fiennes, 49, who starred as Lord Voldemort, is set to play the role of James Bond's new boss. Fiennes is naturally very excited about it all.

"I'm allowed to say that I'm a government agent. I used to be a complete nerd about the books and the detail in them. They are fantastic. There was Fleming's obsession with different kinds of champagne and caviar. He kind of fetishes these things," Ralph told the Daily Mail.

A report by Film News pointed out that Bernard Lee, who played the original "M", from "Dr No" (1962) to "Moonraker" (1979) was followed by Robert Brown, from "Octopussy" (1981) to "Licence to Kill" (1989).

Incidentally, while the world waits for the trailer of the new film, a report in Entertainment Wise suggests Sony have already received a debut teaser, which will be shown during the trailers for "Men in Black III", which is due on 25 May.

The final interesting bit of news is that Daniel Craig has been invited, by the Queen herself, to shoot some parts of the film at Buckingham Palace, as part of promotions for the 2012 London Olympics. Moreover, he will be accompanying the Queen to inaugurate the Olympics in June.

Judi Dench, meanwhile, who has been acting since 1957, drew rave reviews for her performances as "M" in the previous James Bond films. Her final film, this one, is being directed Sam Mendes and is expected in UK theaters on 26 October. The US release is set for 9 November.