A 30-year-old woman has successfully given birth to a baby boy, using an egg she had frozen 12 years ago.

The woman suffered from malignant lymphoma as a high school student. In order to treat the condition, an intense programme of strong drugs were prescribed by her doctor in 2001, followed by a bone marrow transplant.

Prior to undergoing treatment, the woman was warned that there were a number of potential side effects which could prove to be life changing. Medics offered her the chance to have her eggs harvested and frozen before she undertook the treatment, fearing the drugs might leave her infertile.

The woman underwent the freezing procedure, which costs ¥700,000 (£3,700) annually for 10 eggs to be frozen in Japan. Twelve years have passed since the two eggs were frozen with liquid nitrogen and left in the freezing temperatures of minus 196°.

The lady successfully managed to overcome the disease and now, for the first time, she has become a mother to a healthy baby boy. The baby was delivered without any complications in August 2014.

The woman told Kyodo: "I'm very happy every day after giving birth to my child. I'd like all patients with blood diseases to have hope and receive treatment,"

Normally, frozen eggs have to be used within 10 years. It has become increasingly popular in Japan, particularly amongst women keen to focus on their career and still have children later.

However, doctors have warned that having children at a late age can lead to health risks.