A video of superstar rapper Jay Z from the time when he was releasing his second album In My Lifetime, Vol 1 in 1997, has gone viral.

It purports to show him being interviewed right next to two women having sex. He was being interviewed by 2 Live Crew supremo, Luther Campbell.

This was even before Beyonce and Jay Z were a couple and the interviewer is seen asking Jay Z questions about the escapades on his tour. Watch the video here.

Beyonce and Jay Z close down theme park for Blue Ivy

Meanwhile, the superstar parents of Blue Ivy made sure her second birthday would be memorable for the toddler. They closed down an entire theme park which costs around $240 for a person for the VIP safari tour. Officials at the Jungle Island -- a wildlife park and botanical garden in Miami are, however, keeping the cost factor under wraps.

Following a day out on the island, where Blue Ivy spent the day with lemurs, orangutans, kangaroos and penguins, the couple headed to Joey's Italian cafe for lunch, according to E! News.

"It was really cute. They're such fun and attentive parents and pretty normal people considering how famous they are. There weren't many people around and maybe one photographer outside but the restaurant closed the shade so the photographer couldn't see in. It allowed them to have a pretty normal lunch," a source told US Weekly.

Beyonce also uploaded a birthday greeting to Blue Ivy on her Tumblr page which read "Happy Birthday Miss Carter". It featured a collage of cards made by fans for her daughter.

Rapper Kanye West, a close friend of the couple, has also reportedly written and recorded a lullaby specially for Blue Ivy.

"Kanye wanted to do something personal for his best friend's baby. So he decided he would write and record a lullaby especially for her. It won't be released, it's just for Blue. He hopes it'll help send her off to sleep at night," a source told the Daily Star.

"It's really catchy and slow. Rather than the usual sweet dreams-themed lullaby songs, Kanye raps about how Blue Ivy and Nori will be mega powerful when they're older. It also mentions how him and Jay Z will work hard to make sure their girls have an easier path than they did," the source added.