Jennifer Lawrence
THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM: The actress posed at the Dior's Haute Couture show before face-palming Emma Watson. Getty

She is known for falling down at award shows and photo bombing fellow celebrities at every opportunity, but some fans struggled to see the funny side when Jennifer Lawrence decided to face-palm Emma Watson.

The Hunger Games actress made the wacky gesture after meeting the Harry Potter star for the first time at Dior's Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014/2015 show.

As they posed for pictures backstage, the 23-year-old playfully put her hand on Watson's face while she smiled innocently.

Although Watson was seen laughing at the prank, her facial expression appeared strained when they later posed for another snap.

Some unimpressed fans accused Lawrence of being disrespectful.

"The photo's when she is putting her hand on Emma's face - she is not fooling around, that is a sign of dominance. Very interesting and somewhat dark in nature," one critic said.

Another wrote: "I hate seeing Jennifer sink so low. She's a beautiful lady and doesn't need to do this."

"Hmm - not a nice woman it seems, not funny at all to cover someone's face like that."

In May Lawrence sparked controversy after making an ill-advised joke about rape.

After spotting Oscar-winning Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón, the blonde beauty screamed as she rushed over to congratulate him. When she reached him she allegedly quipped: "I broke out my rape scream for you".