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It looks like actor Johnny Depp's favourite personal quote of all times is "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second." Now, we clearly know the reason why!

Depp, who split recently from his wife Vanessa Paradis, after 14 years of marriage, is rumoured to be dating actress Amber Heard. The split was announced on 19 June and within a few days Depp and Heard were being spotted together. Depp and Paradis had announced that their separation was an "amicable" decision.

The news got spicier when a source confirmed to the US Magazine that Depp and Heard have been interested in each other since quite some time. According to the Daily Mail, Depp even bought a horse for Heard. She is also a regularly visitor to the sets of The Lone Ranger in New Mexico where Johnny is currently shooting.

"They are 100 percent dating. He treats her really well," a source told the US Magazine.

It is speculated that the Depp and Heard had been cheating on their partners as well. Depp met Heard in 2009 on the sets of The Rum Diary and started their romantic relationship in 2011 during the promotional tour of the film. Since the Dark Shadows actor and Heard split with their respective partners only in June 2012, there is a possibility that they might have been unfaithful with their partners.

"They started sleeping together during the press tour," a friend of Heard said.

Heard, a bisexual, recently split from her former girlfriend artist Tasya van Ree. It is speculated that the split has to do with Depp being single.

"I've had amazing, successful relationships with men, and now I have an amazing, successful relationship with a woman, and the bottom line is I love who I love," Heard, who is not shy about her bisexuality, was quoted as saying by Zimbio.

Johnny Depp is famous for his movies Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Donnie Brasco and 21 Jump Street.