Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber posted a video of himself kissing a male friend on a  plane Reuters

What is the best way to shutdown gay rumours if your name is Justin Bieber? Post a video of yourself kissing a man of course!

The pop superstar has attempted to set the record straight about his sexuality by insisting that it wouldn't be a big deal if he was attracted to men.

Confusing right?

Well the 15-second video, seemingly captured on a private plane, shows the Baby hitmaker using a futuristic skateboard before leaning down to plant a peck on the cheek of a male friend. He makes sure to flash a cheeky grin as he makes his way back down the plane.

"I'm not gay but even if I was that's not an insult," the 21-year-old captioned the Instagram video.

Although it is not clear whether the on-board smooch was meant as a joke, it didn't stop fans flocking to social media to shower him with praise.

This comes just days after Bieber reunited with former girlfriend Selena Gomez in a Snapchat video.

The Boyfriend hitmaker and Come & Get It songstress, who called time on their turbulent three-year romance in 2013, are believed to have hung out on 27 May with their mutual friend, Rich Wilkerson Jr.

In one of the short clips, the former couple can be seen sitting near each other in a room filled with their friends.

A source told HollywoodLife.com of the sighting: "They were together backstage at The Hillsong Church on Sunday. They didn't leave together but they seemed like they were cool with each other."