Dame Kelly Holmes:

The problem is the cheats are always cheating the system. It's a handful of people who take the risk, don't give a s**t about anything and that is the worst thing because it ruins the sport for everybody.

From: Dame Kelly Holmes: 'Hostile' drug testing can eliminate cheats

Peter Tatchell:

For consumers, porn can be educative, liberating, empowering, fulfilling and socially beneficial. It all depends on how it is made, who makes it, what it depicts and why it is being used.

From: Ignore the puritan porn police - smut actually saves lives

German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble:

No one has a clue how we can reach agreement on an ambitious programme.

From: Greece credit rating downgraded as German finance minister casts shadow over repayment deal

Simon Heffer:

Turkey still conducts relentless lobbying operations to try and persuade nations not to recognise what happened in Armenia in 1915-16 as genocide, but it has failed with many of them. America does not use the term officially, not because it does not believe it to be accurate but because it does not wish to offend so crucial an ally as Turkey when the rest of the Middle East is so turbulent and hostile.

From: Kim Kardashian and Pope Francis left Turkey in PR disaster over Armenian genocide

Justin Bieber:

I turned a lot of people off over the past few years but I know I can still turn out good music and turn everything all around. You have my word I will not end up broken, pathetic, bitter, or sitting on the stage of somebody else's roast.

From: Justin Bieber: Footage emerges of star 'getting kicked out of Coachella trying to see Drake'

The Medical Research Council:

It is not unreasonable to assume that the entire school population has been exposed to asbestos in school buildings.

From: Asbestos: How drawing pins are killing off UK teachers

Shadow Robot Company managing director Rich Walker:

Once we've got a set of robot hands in the kitchen which can do useful tasks, we can start looking around the house and say 'what other tasks can we do? Can we do the cleaning, the gardening, can we tidy up? Can we brave the teenage children's bedrooms and finally clean under the bed?

From: Robotic chef can cook Michelin star food in your kitchen by mimicking world's best cooks

Protester Josephine Witt:

I could jump on the table without hurting myself, and without hurting him, because, of course, it was supposed to be a non-violent protest. I chose confetti because, in previous protest as part of the FEMEN movement, I have used my breasts; this time I wanted to do something equally colourful, equally attention-grabbing, and equally harmless. The shock on Draghi's face was amazing.

From: Josephine Witt: Why I ambushed ECB chief Mario Draghi

Russia President Vladimir Putin:

The main condition is to have respect for Russia and its interests. [The US] doesn't need allies, they need vassals.

From: Vladimir Putin: US wants 'vassals' not allies and Kiev 'to blame' for Ukraine economic blockade

Stacey Eden:

People need to stop judging and putting others down over religion! EVERY RELIGION HAS GOOD AND BAD but if you take it back to the foundations, every religion is also built on LOVE. To LOVE one another. The purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticise others.

From: Australia: Stacey Eden defends Muslim woman abused on train and called Isis supporter

Ukip spokesman:

Not prepared are these people to take on argument with argument they revert to abuse, violence, vandalism and aggression. It certainly isn't the sort of democracy that most people in this country understand, nor is it something that should be regarded as acceptable by anyone in a civil society.

From: Ukip under siege: 3 attacks a week on Nigel Farage supporters and property as election looms

Leicestershire's PCC Sir Clive Loader:

I cannot believe that any right-minded person will understand or support it. For decades, this man is alleged to have carried out premeditated, systematic sex crimes against young boys and one girl who were in the care of the local authority. I think this is a really bad decision. It's really bad for these victims; it's bad for other victims of a similar crime, who perhaps won't now come forward.

From: Decision not to prosecute Lord Greville Janner for alleged child sex crimes is 'wholly perverse', says police chief