Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber wants to stop apologising for his past mistakes. The Baby singer has not had the easiest of times in the past years. The Boyfriend singer has had to face criticism over a series of scandals, including fights with the paparazzi and allegations of assault.

"I'm not a bad guy. People might have misconceptions. And hopefully those walls start to come down and they see the real me," he told the Radio Times.

"I was in a bad place.... It wasn't fake.... I just want to get to a place where I can stop apologising. We all go through trial and error. We all go through moments of downfall," Bieber added.

"I pray when I go to sleep. I pray during the day — when I have a problem or when I just wanna thank Him for all He's done for me. Without God I wouldn't be in this position. He's blessed me with the talent and opportunity. And I feel like there's also a reason I'm here," he added.

Bieber won his first Grammy for his track Where Are U Now with Skrillex and Diplo at the event held at the Staples Center on 15 February in Los Angeles. Selena Gomez congratulated the Sorry hitmaker for the win. The former Disney star told ET: "I'm very happy for him. Honestly, so cool. They have such a cool energy amongst all of them to be able to create something like that. It's really great."