Halloween hauntings: Prince George's nursery is a popular haunt for ghosts and supernatural phenomena.
Halloween hauntings: Prince George's nursery is a popular haunt for ghosts and supernatural phenomena.

Kate Middleton's first-born baby could be sleeping in a Kensington Palace room that's a hotspot for hauntings by the unhappy spirits of previous occupants.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton said the room that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have chosen is a popular haunt for ghostly sightings.

Morton, best known for his biography of Princess Diana, told the Sun on Sunday: "Prince George's nursery is in Apartment 1A of Kensington Palace, which has been a notorious spot for ghost sightings."

Dead royals include King George II, who died of heart failure (believed to have been brought on by syphilis) while staring out of a window in 1760. His ghostly form has been spotted at the window, with the sound of him muttering scaring the royal staff.

Caroline of Brunswick had a very unhappy marriage to George IV. He banished her and she died embittered in 1821. She is still believed to prowl the hallways of the palace.

Queen Mary II, wife of King William III, apparently haunts the Queens Apartments in Kensington Palace, where she died of smallpox in 1694. She was a very tall queen for her time, standing at 5'11", making her taller than most men in her life as well.

Kensington Palace is home to many strange and unexplained ghostly sightings.
Kensington Palace is home to many unexplained ghostly sightings

She died at the age of 32. Reports say that Mary can be heard weeping for the children she never had and the short life she lived. Her husband died in Kensington Palace eight years later, after falling from a horse.

Other creepy sightings in the building include Peter the Wild, a feral child who was taken in by King George I, who has been seen running up the King's staircase.

Morton added: "Princess Margaret's housekeeper told her she saw a woman in Regency dress suddenly appear in front of her then vanish through a wall. So let's hope little Prince George can sleep peacefully in his cot at night."

The palace was also home to the young prince's late grandmother Diana, Princess of Wales, whose coffin spent its last night in London within the palace walls before her funeral at Westminster Abbey in September 1997.

Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces Lucy Worsley says there have been at least seven princesses associated with Kensington Palace who were either "sad, bad or even mad".