Kate Middleton's sense of style is rarely anything other than front page news. The Duchess of Cambridge has a reputation for being both chic and practical - a rare mix for anybody and particularly so for royalty.

Kate, however, does have her quirks. For example, she does seem rather obsessed with LK Bennett nude shows. The duchess has been spotted on several occasions wearing that particular pair.

She was seen in them last June, at the Epsom Derby; at Prince Philip's 90th birthday at Windsor Palace; to attend Zara Philip's wedding; and during a visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. If that weren't enough, she was also seen wearing them on the tour (with Prince Wiliam) of Canada and the US and to attend Thanksgiving services at St Paul's Cathedral.

The Daily Mail observes the shoes must be rather comfortable, despite the four-inch heel, and as a result of Kate's affinity for the pair LK Bennett has introduced a similar style but one made with leather. According to Express.co.uk, the shoe offers versatility and shows off her legs.

Her love for the brand has allowed the British designer to expand operations. The shoes are now available in the US as well, with online retailer Nordstrom, in three colours - red, black and white.

Accusations of brand favouritism aside, a number of people have lauded Kate's sense of economy.

"As a princess of the people, it's her sartorial duty not to be too flashy or too fashion-y but to send out an accessible and 'normal' message through her outfits. And there's nothing more normal than a girl with a favourite pair of shoes," Grazia Daily pointed out.

This particular pattern of using the same accessory is followed by the Queen as well.

"The Queen insists on wearing the same brand of gloves at every event in either white or black. Perhaps Kate is trying to carve out a similar signature accessory? We can only speculate," Carly Wood, the founder of katemiddletonstyle.org, said.