Katie Price
Happier Times : The glamour model has called time on her two-year relationship with fiancé Leandro Penna.

Katie price has called time on her two-year relationship with fiancé Leandro Penna.

The 34-year-old glamour model took to her blog to break the news to fans after flying solo for the Skyfall premiere in London.

"Leo and I have had a lovely fun time for a couple of years, we will always feel deep affection for each other, but sometimes relationships just run their course," she said of her romance with the Argentinian hunk.

"Pressures of work on different continents, natural demands of family ties, and careers, have meant we have spent a huge amount of time apart even when we were in the same country. This meant it was difficult for the relationship to move forward."

She continued: "Accordingly we've mutually decided to call it a day, but we really wish each other nothing but the very best and will remain best of friends, whoever he eventually settles down with will be a very lucky girl."

Penna, also confirmed the split, telling an Argentinian website: "Yes, we've broken up. I think it was best for us that we each followed our separate paths in life."

The 27-year-old model later tweeted: "Wounds heal but they don't disappear. You have the power to be free in this exact instant. The power is always present because all life is present in each moment."

It is the second time that the couple have broken up since getting together in February 2011.

Despite their language barrier (Penna spoke little English when they met) the lovers surprised many by getting engaged in April 2012.

Price's breakup comes as the mother-of-three was forced to deny rumours that their split was partly down to her textual dalliance with X Factor hopeful Dan Ferrari-Lane of boyband District3.

"It is unfortunate that this separation coincides with some utterly ridiculous and silly stories about a boyband member.

"This has nothing to do with the ending of Kate and Leo's relationship and her contact with the boyband member has been entirely innocent and platonic. It is shame that certain magazines are seeking to make more of it."

Price has previously been married to singer Peter Andre and cage-fighter Alex Reid