Just days after her divorce, Katy Perry was seen cosying up to Baptiste Biabiconi, the highest paid male model from France.

According to the Mirror, the couple met during the Paris Fashion Week.

"He was sitting next to her at the show. Then we all had dinner the other night, they were holding hands and looking cozy, and now they are inseparable. They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love. He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty. They made a very good-looking couple,'' a source was quoted as telling The Daily Mail.

The Sun also reported that the pair was also spotted outside a five-star hotel in Paris and looked very cosy together.

Baptiste was a model for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani.

Katy Perry got divorced from her husband, Russell Brand, in February this year. Rumour has it that she wanted to save the marraige while Russell wanted separation.