For those of you who absolutely have to tweet and post updates even while you're eating, KFC has found a way to build a wireless keyboard into the tray liners you get with your meals.

Working with German advertising agency Serviceplan, KFC gave out special tray liners in the opening weeks of several new restaurant launches in the country.

Meet the KFC Tray Typer wireless keyboard
KFC Germany has worked with an advertising agency to invent a durable paper tray liner that doubles as a wireless keyboard SeriousPlan and KFC Germany

Made from durable paper, the KFC Tray Typer doubles as a super-thin rechargeable wireless keyboard that you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Measuring just 0.4mm in thickness and with a USB port to recharge it, the paper is meant to be used as a handy way of swiping your smartphone with your greasy fingers as well as a liner for your food tray.

Serviceplan said on advertising website Gute Werbung that every single smart keyboard tray liner given out was taken home by patrons, and numerous geo-located discussions were held on social media websites during the campaign.

This isn't the first time that KFC has gotten techy to bring in more customers – in September 2014, KFC Japan designed and launched a custom-made fried chicken keyboard and mouse, a chicken drumstick USB memory stick and fried chicken earrings for a special lottery to celebrate the fast food chain's 30th year in the country.