Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose
Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have been on selfie duty. Together Mike Windle / Rich Polk / Getty

There is a popular misconception that women – unlike men – are incapable of reconciling after years of fierce rivalry, especially if a love interest is at the centre of their feud. Maybe it's down to the fact that our favourite Hollywood blockbusters teach us that all men need is an good old fashioned punch-up following by a neanderthal–esque acknowledgment that all was right with the world again to iron out their differences. On the otherhand, women – emotional beings predisposed to getting bitter, rather than, better – are unable to make rational decisions about matters of the heart.

On 2 February and after years of conforming to all sorts of ugly stereotypes, long-standing rivals and social media strategists Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose went against the grain and posted a snap on their respective Instagram accounts, showing them seated side-by -side and pouting for the cameras.

Considering the mudslinging and backbiting that has gone on since Kim's rapper husband ended his relationship with Amber, it wasn't surprising that the image sent their fans into a meltdown. Just days earlier, West was left with his tail firmly between his legs after Amber posted an explicit tweet about his alleged bedroom manner in response to comments he made about her two-year-old son during a twitter spat with Wiz Khalifa. All very childish and cringeworthy interactions.

Tea anyone?

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While some suggested that the photograph was so shocking that it had to be the wizardary work of Photoshop, others questioned why the pair were in the same vicinity, let alone sharing the same air. Amongst the scores of predictable tweets from distractors, was one refreshing message which read: "The photo of @DaRealAmberRose & @KimKardashian gives me hope that peace in the Middle East can be achieved."

Although it may be a little extreme to consider Kim and Amber's united front as a catalyst for world peace, it is a step in the right direction. If feminism has taught us anything it is that woman are more than capable of taking responsibility for their actions, making their own choices and do not need to be constantly defined by the actions of their men. There are some world leaders that could stand to take a leaf out of their book in cleaning up the unpleasantless.

According to body language expert Judi James, the snap proves that the pair have in fact called a truce."Well the proximity might be revealing here, as in Amber & Kim were clearly well within the intimate zone in terms of spacial behaviour, but their actual body language signals after that do little to suggest much in the way of best friendship, bonding and rapport," she told IBTimes UK.

Everything that Kim does is planned with military precision. So if the didn't want the world to know that she and Amber had let bygones be bygones, nobody would. That said, James notes that Kim has her reservations about raising the white flag: "Amber is dominating the shot, posing independently, offering a huge, red-lipped pout to the camera. She looks confident and slightly challenging, while Kim lurks slightly more to the back of the shot with a far more passive-looking facial expression.

James added that :"When women pose together in a fun selfie they usually adopt the same, exaggerated facial pose however Amber and Kim reveal what looks like two independent mindsets here, suggesting if they are intending to become A list Bessie's they might have a bit more ingratiation to do!"

Some fans argue that Kim and Amber making the conscious effort to be civil is a disaster, when in reality the tragedy lies in the fact that in 2016, we still find out hard to believe that women can put their differences aside for the greater good. These ladies didn't just flip the bird to the fans that have pitted them against each other for years; they put their egos aside and showed a level of maturity that their spouse and former partners just couldn't muster.