One Direction's Harry Styles is becoming rather too well-known for having flings with older women; his last such was with Caroline Flack, 32.

Now, the 18-year-old is apparently trying to woo Kim Kardashian, 31, the American reality television star.

According to the Daily Mail, Styles made some rather shameless attempts to get Kardashian's attention - by turning up for a radio interview in the US holding a photograph of Kardashian in a bikini, with a post-it note that says: "Call me... maybe?"

Incidentally, Styles used a similar method to woo his former flame. He sent Flack a post that read: "To Flackster! Never too old... Let's make it happen!! Lots of love, Harry S".

Styles was at the Q102 radio station in Pennsylvania as part of One Direction's US tour.