Reality television star Kim Kardashian seems to have recovered from a health scare. The American model and actress posted pictures of herself on Instagram, in a black dress with hair pulled back in a bun. The 32-year-old expectant mother wanted her fans to know she was doing better after taking some rest at home.

In one of the pictures, taken on Friday at a casual photo shoot with her family, Kardashian is seen pouting while making the peace sign. This is the first time Kardashian has stepped out after a severe stomach pain and miscarriage scare earlier this week.

On Tuesday night, Kardashian was rushed to the hospital after she complained of severe stomach pain on a flight back to Los Angeles from Paris. The star was in tears as she reached the hospital.

"Kim started feeling ill on the plane from Paris, and called friends as soon as she landed," a source told New York Post's Page Six, "She was rushed to her doctor Tuesday night in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage."

Kardashian had been travelling with rapper beau Kanye West and the travelling may have taken a toll on her health. And although doctors ruled out a miscarriage and released her, she was asked to take rest.

Kardashian wrote on Twitter: "Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm doing fine! Just resting...have a good weekend. Love you guys!"

"Kim's not respecting her pregnancy," the source further told the Post, "She's running around, working out seven days a week. She's working with two different trainers to control her weight."

Kardashian is four months pregnant and the baby (believed to be a girl) is due in July.

Earlier, Kardashian said she knew pregnancy meant she will be putting on some weight but stressed she would continue working out in order to maintain her weight.

"She's very responsible about meeting all her appointments. But she knows this is something serious," a source close to Kardashian told Mail Online.