Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West
Kim Kardashian with husband Kanye West. Reuters

Kanye West is reportedly not excited about wife Kim Kardashian's wish to adopt a child.

During a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 33-year-old American reality television star expressed her desire to adopt a baby girl following a visit to an orphanage in Thailand.

"Her name was Pink and I literally cannot stop thinking about her," she said.

"I told Kanye I was like honestly, like this girl is so sweet and so cute I would totally adopt her," the mother-of-one went on.

However, Kris Jenner advised that it would be a bad idea.

"You can't just go to an orphanage, fall in love with a child and just take them home like you're shopping," the Kardashian matriarch said.

"You get very passionate about things and then you don't think about the whole thing through.

"I bet there are other things that you could do that would make all the difference in this little girl's life that you could do without bringing her home," she added.

According to a report in Hollywood Life, West is also against it.

"He would be too scared. He's kinda paranoid of things. Even the good things he does, he's paranoid about them. If he adopted a kid, he would think that the birth parents would come and hit he and Kim up for money," a source close to West told the website.

"It would be something that the media would try to dig up, find the parents, they'd want some quick cash, it would be a f**king mess," the insider added.