Thinking of the uneasiness of an 8- to 12-hour flight to a dream vacation made us back out at times especially at this time of budget-conscious spending.

KLM believes we need not give up our dream touring other places just because we carefully spending our hard-earned cash.

Ever considerate of the average traveler, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines thought that budget travels need not be a torture especially if you are on a long-haul flight. KLM has given a new dimension to flying economy class with its Economy Comfort Seats. Passengers of KLM can choose among these convenient traveling must-haves:

  • Seats with extra legroom
    Up to 97 cm (38 inch) of legroom on European KLM flights. At least 140 cm (55 inch) of legroom on intercontinental KLM flights.
  • Seats in a row of 2
    Enjoy more privacy sitting together in a row of just 2 seats. You can buy these seats separately! The only trouble with this is that these seats cannot fully recline.

Now travelers on a budget with KLM are provided the same comfort and ease of their first-class counterparts in terms of better and comfortable seating.

KLM's Economy Comfort Seats gives the budget traveller options whether they want a better leg room, more recline, or be seated very close to your companion without the bothering arm rest.

KLM's Economy Comfort Zones offer the following seat choices, which can be reserved 90 days prior departure.


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