Fans of giant human-controlled robots like those depicted in the sci-fi anime franchise Gundam or Pacific Rim will be delighted to know that you can now buy a giant mecha robot you can ride in on Amazon Japan.

Of course these things never come cheap, so you'd have to be willing to part with ¥ 120,000,000 ($1m, £675,135) in order to purchase Kuratas – a 12.5ft (3.8m) tall robot that weighs 5 tonnes and has a top speed of 10kph.

The giant robot is the brainchild of Kogoro Kurata, a Japanese blacksmith and founder of the firm Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

Kurata has been working on large wearable robots for several years together with Wataru Yoshizaki, now a second-year doctoral student, who developed V-Sido software to power the robot's 30 hydraulic actuators and cool things like iPhone connectivity and control of the robot's hands.

Similar to the plot of Mobile Suit Gundam, where military forces in 2079 make use of humanoid weapons known as "mobile suits", Kurata dreams of a world where humans wear and operate robots.

Although it is labelled as a "toy", the robot features multiple onboard weapons systems, including a BB gatling gun that rattles off 6,000 rounds a minute and triggers when it detects the pilot smiling.

However, the arms are not included in the Kuratasu starter kit listed on Amazon, so you'll have to spend even more money if you want the weapons.

The Verge previously featured the robot and its creator back in 2012, when Kurata revealed that his project had gained many fans all over the world after he set up a website allowing people to order their own customised mechas for $1.35m.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry received over 3,000 orders from its website for the mechas, but Kurata said that all of the customers then backed out.

"It's funny to see the panicked emails come in from people abroad, saying they thought it was a joke," he told the Verge.

The Kuratas being sold on Amazon Japan is definitely for real however, and postage costs ¥ 350 within Japan.

Only one unit is in stock to buy, so the 59 customer reviews on the website most certainly are jokes, but very entertaining to read.