Kurt Angle has finally made his WWE return after being away from the company for over a decade. The Olympic gold medallist quit the wrestling entertainment company in 2006 and since then has been performing in various independent circuits.

Rumours of the veteran wrestler making his comeback have been doing the rounds for months, even before he was picked for the Hall of Fame induction.

Recently, Angle was made a WWE Hall of Famer in front of roaring fans and current stars. In his signature style, he gulped down two bottles of milk at the end of his speech. But, fans expected Angle or the company to announce the wrestler's return to the ring, which did not happen.

On the first episode of Monday Night Raw following the company's biggest pay-per-view (PPV) show – WrestleMania, which this year was held on 2 April – WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced Angle as the new general manager of Raw and also revealed that his daughter Stephanie will not be stepping in the ring anytime soon as she suffered an injury after she was put through a table at the PPV event.

So, does this mean Angle will be seen wrestling? It is high unlikely that he would enter the ring in his singlet anytime soon as the 48-year-old will fill the position left vacant following Mick Foley's firing.

After he was made the new general manager, Angle immediately announced a fight between returning Finn Balor and Seth Rollins against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe.

If Angle does ever decide to wrestle, he could fight AJ Styles as he previously told ProWrestlingStories that The Phenomenal One always manages to have "five-star matches" and "does all the work" in the ring.

"That's what's so cool about it. You know it's going to be a five-star match if he matches your ability. I'm talking the Ambrose's and the Rollins', the John Cena's and Kurt Angle's. As long as you're up there with him, you're going to have that type of match with AJ because he is so easy to work with," he had said.