Kurt Angle regrets most of the WWE Universe did not get to see him in action when his was at his absolute best. The Olympic gold medallist left the entertainment company in 2006.

The Hall of Famer in an interview with WETM NBC Elmira said even though he had some fantastic fights at the federation, he turned a "seasoned veteran" when he was at the end of his six-year run with the company.

Angle stressed that the best part of his pro-wrestling career was with TNA (Impact Wrestling) and the fights he had at the promotion will never be watched by most WWE fans.

"I had some regrets, because I was just starting to get good when I quit WWE in 2006. I was just starting to come into my own," Angle said.

When asked about his dream fight, Angle revealed Daniel Bryan as his opponent. Unfortunately, this dream match between Angle and Bryan will probably never happen as the latter left active wrestling after suffering a serious injury earlier in 2016. Bryan is currently part of SmackDown Live as its general manager, while Angle replaced Mick Foley as general manager for Monday Night Raw.

"Daniel Bryan. I love his wrestling ability. I think that he is one of the best I've seen in a long time. I obviously wrestled AJ Styles, but never on the WWE platform, love to have a main event against AJ Styles at WrestleMania," he said.

Angle also revealed why fans roared "You Suck" when he was with the WWE. The reason behind it was he because Angle was a heel for five years. However, he turned babyface in the final year of his first run with the WWE, but the chants did not stop.

"I told the fans 'It's getting to me, stop doin' it' and the more I said that, the more they did it. So, when I was babyface, they still did it and they love doin' it," he stressed.

Angle also pointed out that Vince McMahon had also tried to change the situation, but to no effect. Lastly, he said that he used to chant the phrase to discourage fans from doing so, which also did not help. Nonetheless, Angle does not mind the chants now as he knows that "the fans do it out of respect and it sounds cool with my song".

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