WWE chairman Vince McMahon has been pushing Roman Reigns as the new face of the entertainment company for the past three years. So far the plan has not worked out as every time the Big Dog steps in the squared circle, fans starts booing the superstar.

The win over The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 was supposed to help Reigns get over fans, but that has not happened as the booing did not stop on the first episode of Monday Night Raw following the Grandest Stage of Them All. "This is my yard now," Reigns had said on the show but fans were not feeling it.

Kurt Angle thinks Reigns has been "pushed way too fast" like John Cena. The WWE Hall of Famer has a suggestion that he thinks McMahon should employ if the latter's plan does not work out for Reigns. The Monday Night Raw general manager wants McMahon to turn Reigns heel.

"I love him. The issue with Roman is he was utilized and pushed way too fast. When you skip the U.S. Title, Intercontinental Title, the King of the Ring and go right to the top, fans don't like that. ... Half the fans love him; half the fans hate him. Same with [John] Cena. When Cena came in, Vince pushed the hell out of him and fans were like, 'Gosh, dang. This guy's invincible. I hate him!' ... If Vince waits it out a bit, fans will start to accept [Roman Reigns], and if they don't, then turn him heel," he told Washington's Top News.

Angle also talked McMahon's plans when he made his debut in company in 1998. He said he was surprised when he was informed he was going to be a heel despite the fact that he was a national hero with his Olympic gold medal win in Atlanta in wrestling.

"I disagreed with him. I told him, 'It's not gonna work, I won a gold medal [with] a broken freakin' neck! People are gonna love me!' He said, 'No, they're gonna hate your guts.' He was right.

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