Kylie Minogue was forced to share the limelight during her performance at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, at Hampden Park, Glasgow, when an Australian athlete invaded the stage.

Genevieve LaCaze decided joining in with semi-naked male dancers was the best way to celebrate her 25th birthday.

The steeplechase runner managed to prance about on stage to Kylie's performance for more than a minute before security guards moved in on the toned blonde.

She later insisted her fellow Aussie Kylie was a "legend".

LaCaze told a Brisbane radio station: "The opportunity to dance with Kylie Minogue doesn't come around every lifetime, so I took it.

"I just wanted a little bit of claim to fame. I wanted a little bit of TV time; I am turning 25, so why not."

LaCaze finished fifth in the steeplechase at the Commonwealth Games, prompting one Twitter user to speculate she "needed some attention".

Check out her antics below.