Cosmetics giant, Lancome, has come up with a new miracle serum. A unique multi-tasking "beauty" cream which eradicates wrinkles, fine lines and reduces enlarged pores.

The cream, apparently has made an "incredible breakthrough" in skincare. It costs £57 for a 30ml bottle.
Selfridges has been selling more than 50 bottles a day since it launched there on a two week trial, and House of Fraser in Glasgow now has hundreds of customers on a waiting list.

Customers are signing up and pre-paying in the thousands across the country - it's unheard of a "source" from Selfridges said.

As the product goes on a wider release across the country today, Lancome is braced for brisk business.

Staff from the head-office have been despatched into shops up and down the country to deal with customer demand.

'It's like a ghost town in head office - everyone is out on the high street trying to meet customers' needs,' an insider at the brand said.

'It's impossible to predict how many will eventually be sold, but we're talking hundreds of thousands.'

Sales of the cream are likely to be boosted yet further as it goes on sale in the U.S. too.

The Duchess of Cambridge has long been a fan of Lancome. Ahead of her wedding she was spotted replenishing her stocks of the brand's mascara and Hydra Zen moisturiser. An insider at the brand said that the Duchess, Pippa Middleton and Emma Watson are among the select few to be sent the miracle cream.