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The film hopes to inspire people to enjoy every moment

In commemoration of the leap second that we are going to receive at midnight on 30 June, a Bafta-nominated film-maker has made a one second movie for you to watch with your extra second.

Gary Tarn, responsible for such films as The Prophet and nominated for his work on Black Sun, was set the task from online life insurance company Beagle Street of making a film that celebrates being alive and how precious time is.

His response was to make Leap Second Movie, a collection of 25 frames cut to a four-note soundtrack, which lasts for exactly one second, in the hopes of inspiring viewers to make every moment count.

Tarn said: "The leap second is a unique event that gives us all an extra second to stop and think about how we live our lives and spend our time. My one-second film celebrates 25 captured moments, personal to me, that make my heart sing.

"In an increasingly busy world, I'm hoping people will spend just a second to watch the film and be inspired to recognise, enjoy and appreciate the amazing lives we share with those we love."

The leap second was introduced on 1 January 1972 to compensate for the Earth's ever so slightly slowing rotation. We have had 25 leap seconds since its inception.