Miami Heat Media Day 2013
'LeBron James Leaning Toward Joining Al-Qaeda' article is satire. Reuters

An article claiming that American professional basketball player LeBron James will join international terrorist network al-Qaeda is fictional.

The story was posted on the well-known satire website, The Onion.

The fake report read: "After viewing its latest pitch highlighting all he could accomplish with its organization, NBA power forward LeBron James confirmed Tuesday that he is currently leaning toward joining the militant Islamic group Al-Qaeda."

"I've been doing my due diligence, and right now I'm really interested in [Al-Qaeda leader] Ayman al-Zawahiri's vision and what he has already built over there," said James, adding that while he has also considered offers from terrorist organisations such as Boko Haram and the Taliban, he believes heading to al-Qaeda remains his best opportunity to defeat the West in the immediate future.

"It seems like they're open to doing a max deal, but I'd be willing to take a pay cut if that's what it'll take for them to bring in a big-time cell leader to work alongside me. Of course, I also can't ignore their storied history and the fact that they have such a loyal following. I'm certain they have the personnel to take out both L.A. and San Antonio. Overall, I think moving to the Arabian Peninsula is the best option for me right now, and it will help take me to the next level."

Many Twitter users shared the bizarre news report.

Breaking: LeBron James leaves Miami...Joins Al-Qaeda...Story developing.

— Sir Lord General Ross The Great (@IAMELBURRO) July 9, 2014

BREAKING: Sources confirm LeBron James has agreed to terms with Al-Qaeda

— 4th Qtr Kyrie (@SpotLightSand) July 9, 2014

"Is it true that Lebron James wants to join Al Qaeda?"- My Mom after browsing Facebook

— Garo (@Charo_Garo) July 9, 2014

The 29-year-old Miami Heats star recently announced plans to become a free agent.