LG G Watch R: New Teaser Video Reveals Features, Mocks at Moto 360 Design
LG G Watch R: New Teaser Video Reveals Features, Mocks at Moto 360 Design

Motorola's Moto 360 has been in the spotlight following Google's announcement of Android Wear Developer Preview concept in July 2014, and since then, LG seems to have taken over the trend with its new teaser video of LG G Watch R that mocks at design limitations of its rival, the Moto 360.

Contrary to rumours suggesting the launch of an LG G Watch sequel or the G Watch 2, the company seems focused at simply consolidating its smartwatch lineup with the new G Watch R, while taking a dig at the irregularly rounded design of the Moto 360.

Portraying a classic watch design, the G Watch R features a well-rounded face that is complimented with a complete metal body and a wider bezel than the Moto 360.

This theory actually strengthens the claim that unlike Moto 360, the LG G Watch R hides its display drivers and ambient light sensor in the region where the latter has an extended bezel (while former has a small cutout) at the bottom of the screen.

According to Phone Arena, the fully-rounded bottom of the screen actually hints that the G Watch R may not have the ambient light sensor.

However, the presence of a step counter and a compass in the watch are confirmed via the teaser video, while the G Watch branding confirms that the watch indeed runs on Android Wear.

With LG expected to unveil the G Watch R at the IFA event in Berlin from 5 to 10 September, it is not yet clear if the new G Watch will take over as the premium variant and position the original as the budget version when LG's smartwatch is finally unveiled at the event.

We just hope that LG might actually reveal the price and release details for its new Android smartwatch at the IFA and help prospective Android Wear users to make the critical buying decision.