A leading celebrity website has lined up the list of celebrities it says are likely to die in 2012.

According to Lime Life, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Fidel Castro, Keith Richards, Stephen Hawking, Courtney Love and Dick Cheney are among the celebrities who are likely to cross over to the afterlife in 2012.

The site predicts that Lohan, 25, will be in danger through drink, drugs and prison inmates. As for Castro, 85, it says that the legendary communist will "join the great socialist state in the sky any day now".

"Hopefully the cigars in Heaven (or Hell) are on par," it jokes.

It points to drug binges as the greatest risk to Love, 47, and heart disease as taking off former US vice-president Cheney, 70.

The Bee Gees' Robin Gigg, 62, has also been been marked for the chop by the site.